Holy Grail Success Stories!

"I lost 15 pounds but the best part of all was that I added visible muscle to my frame in the process. Unbelievable? Yes, but it's true!

-Erica Perna

"I felt like I already understood nutrition, but the Holy Grail has completely revamped my thinking!" (lost 28.2 lbs, gained 9 lbs lean body mass)

-Ryan Wilson

"The essence of the program is that there is effectively a third way ahead: Build muscle AND stay lean. One does not need to choose on or the other! Based on your previous excellent advice, in 6 months time, I managed to reduce my body fat from 15% to less than 5%, trimming my weight from 80 kg to 76 kg. Your BFFM program works, full stop. Having achieved my ideal body composition, I was struggling a bit to identify my next goal. Just the title of your new book - "Holy Grail" - did that for me! Now I look forward to my new journey, towards increasing lean muscle mass, maintaining an excellent body composition at the same time. Thank you Tom for your no-nonsense, fact based, "blood, sweat and tears" angle on exercises and nutrition


"Tom, I like the way you sift through the dry medical Bull @#$% and lay out a punch list identifying the key take away points. The way you put things into easy to understand terms and create a system that applies these finding is what makes this so beneficial. All I need to do is follow the program and I know I will find success. "

-Ken L.

"Why screw-around trying to re-invent the wheel? Tom is a friggin' genius. Follow what he says....word-for-word....step-by-step...DO NOT CHANGE A THING....and you will achieve what you set out to do. Why not follow a expert who has done the legwork for you? Bottom line. End of story.

-Paul D'Ambrosio