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Here’s the honest to GOD truth and scientific fact: Most people GAIN FAT when they try to gain muscle and they LOSE MUSCLE when they try to lose fat!

In this FREE special report and audio I give you the EXACT reasons why this happens and how you can completely avoid these common costly pitfalls.

Then... I go one step further and show you the secrets of actually gaining muscle and losing fat - at the same time! (aka "The Holy Grail" of all fitness goals)

Listen: achieving "The Holy Grail" isn’t easy, but it’s simple… IF you start with a system PROVEN to work. Especially if that system works in ANY body type, EITHER gender, at ANY age and is so straight-forward to follow, that...

With my system YOU CAN do it without great genetics, with no steroids, no drugs and no training experience, even if you're a super busy with kids and a full time job (it doesn't take that much time).

You should know I didn’t write this report from pie-in-the-sky theory... this system comes from research - AND actual real-life experience.

I wasn’t born lean and muscular – In college I had a beer belly. My roomates called me "fat-boy." I managed to get pretty darn big and strong by my sophomore year, but couldn't get ripped for the life of me (I was "bulked up.")

But before I graduated, I had so completely cracked the code on burning fat while keeping muscle that I had won the OVERALL Pennsylvania State Bodybuilding Championship. But before that, I had failed miserably for years

In this report I reveal everything I did to finally get 6-pack-abs and then add slabs of muscle on top of that - and do it over and over again as a competitive bodybuilder - drug free. Today, I'm a full time fitness author and body transformation coach and I can teach anyone how to shift from fat to muscle in record time.

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Tom Venuto

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What Others Have to Say About
Tom Venuto and The Holy Grail

"I learned a lot about nutrition, calories, and carbs a few years back with Tom's Burn the Fat program. I learned a lot more recently with The Holy Grail about nutrient timing. The exact menus were great. Everything Tom teaches is on the money. I think I did fantastic: + 15 lbs lean body mass and -13.2 lbs body fat."

-- Ben Brown, Deerfield Beach, FL

"I felt like I already understood nutrition, but the Holy Grail has completely revamped my thinking!" (lost 28.2 lbs, gained 9 lbs lean body mass)

-- Ryan Wilson, Pooler, GA

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